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  1. are you open today 01-01-2013?????

  2. @ Anonymous,
    Hi. Is there anything I can do for you? My blog is always open for the public, you can browse the pages and posts if you'd like to. For any concern regarding this site or for any query, please drop me a line at

  3. Hello, Nice to see a lot of information about Al Ain. Can you tell me how far is Al Jahli from the main city in Al Ain,and the main market place.Are there any resturants or markets in and around Al Jahi area?

    1. Hi. Thank you for dropping by my blog. Al Jahili is very near from the town center, like around 1 to 2 km. Say you're in Al Jahili and you'd like to go to Main street,it will take you around 5 minutes by car. From Al Jahili to the Main market (if you are pertaining to Souq AlSamak near Al Ain Bus station),it will take you around 5-10 minutes by car, I reckon.

    2. There are several restaurants and markets in and around Al Ain. You'll find a wind array of dishes served by the restaurants. AT the Town Square alone, you'll find restos that caters Arabic, Indian and Filipino dishes. If you love steak and burgers, you can always visit the TGI Fridays at Bawadi Mall, Chili's at Al Jimi Mall and Fudruckers at Al Ain Mall.

  4. Hi JTG,
    What a great blog!
    I am an Irish trained Staff nurse working in London and moving to UAE soon.
    I had a job offer in Al Ain hospital and alos a job offer in the American Hospital Dubai. My partner is a teacher and he is moving to AbuDhabi.
    My question is, which city would you recommend for me? Do you know anything about either hospitals and if so which would you recommend?
    I really would appreciate any feedback you may have to help me, as it is hard to choose when going through two different agencies for both jobs they are both biased in their opinion as to which is better.

    1. Hi Gemma. Thanks for dropping by my blog. E-mail sent to answer your queries. Thanks.

  5. Hi! I am working in al ain. I am just 1 month old here n al ain. A filipina and I am interested to know the arabic language. Can u help me out? Or if not recommend to me someone who can teach arabic with a negotiable price. I am just starting and m working n a clinic. I really need help bec.i can't interact wd the patients and other co.workers.

    1. Hi Akiza. Welcome to Al Ain!!
      It was nice exchanging messages with you in FB.
      Dear readers, I replied with Akiza's query through Facebook. If there's anyone who would like to help Akiza, please let me know as my Arabic is very basic.)

  6. Hello, do you really take pictures of Al Ain daily? I really want to see how Al Ain looks like. I have seen photos of the attractions, hotels, malls and ect. But I want to see everyday Al Ain (streets, shops, and etc)... basically, places you will see everyday.

  7. Hi. You have very nice pics and everything. But can you show pics of shops (not malls), parking lots, houses, streets and things you see in your daily life. Thanks!

    1. Hi Sara. Thank you for your suggestions. I would love to do that but there are certain things that I have to follow on taking photos of the streets, shops and houses. Anyway, I will try my best to post some when I get back to blogging.

  8. Hi Al Ain City Daily Photo,

    Just tried email, but bounced back :-(

    Firstly, great blog and keep up the good work! Great photos!

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    Thanks Again

    Charles Leahy

  9. Hi Charles. It took me so long to answer this. Thanks for writing by the way. I'll have a look at your site and will let you know.


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