Saturday, February 2, 2013

Super late celebration of my brother's Natal Day (with resto review)

My youngest brother's natal day is every 20th of January. Though we don't normally celebrate it with lavish food or a party (we can't afford any of the two anyway), we always make sure that we eat out or cook something special. This year, my brother's birthday fell on a weekday here in the UAE (Sunday as the start of the week, with Friday and Saturday as weekends). Gab is working in Sharjah from Sunday to Thursday. His current workplace and accommodation is almost 3 hours drive from Al Ain City. By public transportation, it will take him around 3.5 hours of travel time. Aside from that reason, his birthday fell on the last few days before the salary day. Those were the crucial days where in few bucks were kept in our wallets.

To make the story short (the excuses :)),I reckon), we celebrated it last night at Applebee's -Al Ain Mall. Since we were all craving for steak, we agreed to dine in at Applebee's. It was my brother's first time while I and my sis-in-law were both second timers. After the much awaited haircut at the salon, off we went to Al Ain Mall. Since I don't want to write further about my excuses reasons, let alone these photos do the talking on how much we enjoyed our dinner at the said restaurant. We had sizzling mushroom steak with mashed potato, rib eye steak with shrimps, and double-glazed beef back ribs.

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Belated happy 30th something (*coughs) birthday Gab!  

On another note, allow me share these few sentences for my resto review.

  • The service is outstanding. As soon as we walked into the restaurant, one of the crew members greeted us with warm and friendly smile. She asked me how many people want to be seated and walked us to the vacant table, handed the menu,  and told us that there's somebody assigned to take our orders. Since yesterday was the beginning of the weekend, it was expected to see lots of customers. Though it took around 8 minutes before a server came and took our orders, I appreciate her greeting us with friendly smile after she introduced herself. We managed to ask one of the crew members to take few photos for us. Oh! She was so sweet! She said yes without any hesitation even if she's busy.
  • Well lit. I simply loved their colorful lamps.
  • I liked the combination of earth, primary and pastel colors on their walls, ceiling, chairs and tables, counter, and floor.
  • I liked the framed and mounted photos of Al Ain on the wall.
  • Delectable and the wait for food was okay---I mean 15 to 20 minutes waiting time was acceptable since it was a weekend.
  • The steak were cooked exactly the way we wanted it to be---well done, though slightly greasy.
  • A bit pricey but it was okay (since we don't eat there often). Looking at the portions, one order of double-glazed beef back ribs is good enough for 3 pax. AED 296 for 3 pax...hmmmmm, not bad.
  • About half way through our meal, we asked for a refill on our iced tea and we had it after 5 minutes.
Over-all rate: 4 out of 5 stars. 

There you go! It's time to hit the sack. I have household chores waiting for me when I get up at 09:00 AM (Oh my G! This insomnia thing is really killing me). Opppppsss, today is February 2, it's my kuya Dan's birthday (kuya is the Tagalog word for elder brother)! Kuya Dan is currently living in London with his family and working as a Charge Nurse in one of NHS Trust hospitals in UK.  Happy, happy birthday kuya Dan! Have a blast!

By the way, we walked around the Stars Court of Al Ain Mall and took several photos after we had our dinner. We wanted  to get rid some baby fats (ehermmm). :)) Lol!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone! Ciao!


  1. Nice celebration and get together. Food seems delicious. Happy birthday to your bro.
    I couldn't see the birthday cake in pics.
    Happy weekend !

  2. My brother didn't want any cake that day, requested for ginataan instead(ginataan is made of sweet potato, cassava, jack fruit and banana cooked with coconut milk and condensed milk).


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