Monday, January 28, 2013

Water, Fire, and Light Show at Downtown Dubai

If you're a follower or a regular visitor of this blogsite, I'm sure you know that I missed the water, fire and light show during the New Year's Eve celebration hosted by EMAAR at Downtown Dubai. Actually, I was a bit frustrated when I went home with fireworks photos and few decent images taken during the start of the show. Not to mention that I was unlucky with the location where I set up my tripod. Some of my friends and followers of AACDP on Facebook were sad too. Enough with the rants on frustration stuff. :))

Moving on with my post for today. I've been to Dubai last night and captured the spectacular show while standing on a comfortable nook of the Burj Park and Souq Al Bahar (I shoot in two different locations- 8pm at the Burj Park and 10pm at Souq Al Bahar). I've been wanting to do this ever since I read from the Downtown Dubai-Centre of Now's FB page that they will be hosting the show from 4th of January to 4th of February. With the nature of my job, I couldn't seem to follow my heart's desire not until yesterday-the first day of my week-long holiday, and when hubby agreed to Drive me to Dubai. You see, I am very bad when it comes to roads and directions. Not to mention that I need somebody to carry my camera bag while I'm shooting. ;) Thanks, hubby dear! :) You really made my day!!

Anyway, this spectacular show marks the coming together of the 3 elements---water, fire and light, in celebration of the different cultures of the world and international friendship. It was depicted with the display of the national flags of different countries from different continents. Located at Downtown Dubai, set up and stage at the Burj Lake, with Burj Khalifa as a backdrop, the show was incredibly breathtaking. EMAAR built a 210 meter-long seamless projection screen along with 10 semi-transparent screens on water flat forms, with dancers wearing white Lycra body suit performing gracefully leaving the spectators in awe. The Dubai Fountain swayed to the exhilarating rhythm of sound while the fire flames and water jets in a harmonious manner making the ambiance so surreal. Adding to the surrealism were the smoke and colorful and stunning lights leaving me astounded while I was pressing the remote shutter cable.
I don't want to write everything about my experience because I don't like to bore you to death with words of superlative degrees (on describing how great the show was) ;). Let alone the pictures do the talking. Hope you like these photos. If you wish to see some more, simply visit the Al Ain City Daily Photo's Facebook page. I will post the rest of the photos anytime soon.
Oh! By the way, If you're a resident of UAE or a tourist visiting the Emirates for the first time, this show must be included in your list. You can watch it for free! Yes, it is for free! Where in the world you can find one huh? ;) If you are a fellow photo enthusiast, I'm sure that this is the right event where you can practice long exposure and slow shutter photography. There are so many good vantage points, like Burj Park and Souq Al Bahar, from where you can take amazing photos. What are you waiting for? Get that body moving and head on to Downtown Dubai! Yallah!

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"Marhaba! Welcome home. Welcome to the Center of Now!"


  1. Hi Misalyn! I was just thinking about you and how I missed seeing your blog. What a wonderful display in your post and what stunning photography. You are GOOD! It's amazing, I just love the Arabic word of the day at the end of your posts and remember how you helped me with the language when I lived in Khartoum. Here in Tanzania I have learned Swahili and find many words that have evolved from Arabic. A reply to the informal greeting schkamu is maharaba. So similar to marhaba - you're welcome! Bless you dearest Missy and have a great day. Jo

  2. Ohh Wow, Thanks for sharing about such a wonderful event. The most amazing thing Its Free hmm :)
    Very nice. One should get this opportunity.


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