Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I love night photography but with the nature of my job, being on a perennial night shift, I seldom get the chance to practice. What I love about this type of photography is the reflections created by the lights. Here are some of the images taken last Sunday when I watched the Water, Fire and Light Show at Downtown Dubai. 

The Burj Lake with Souq Al Bahar and The Address

The Address hotel

Here are some tips when shooting this type of photography. I came to know these tips with my endless trial and error stuff. Well, I can always commit several mistakes but I can always learn. Anyway, learning is an endless process. :) Oh! One day my camera's shutter life will come to an end because I can take 50 to 100 shots just for one subject. :)) lol!

1. Use your tripod. Always mount your camera on a tripod and make sure the base is steady to prevent camera shake.
2. Turn off the optical stabilizer of your lens (VR/IS) to prevent the 'shake return'.
3. Use your remote shutter release cable. This will prevent you from pressing and holding your camera. Or use the camera's timer if you don't own one.
4. Shoot in manual mode and choose a small aperture: f/14 and above. Ideally, exposure should be longer, shoot anywhere between 1-30 seconds (shutter set on bulb).
5. Turn that white balance from auto to daylight to create warmer colors.
6. Keep the ISO to 100 and increase depending on the distance of your subject.

These are merely suggestions but don't take them seriously since I am just a plain photoblogger. :)
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  1. Great to see your post, Misalyn, and what terrific captures! Your reflections are awesome and what a beautiful city!! Hope you have a good week and look forward to seeing your online again soon!!

  2. Read your tips with interest. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. I leave the night photography up to hubby -have no patience for all the rules, lol! Besides, I'm a painter, would be quite hard to get a good plein air painting, unless I'm in the midst of lights:) Your view are beautiful.

  4. Night photography is something that's only in my dreams, lol... Somehow I like the sound of "Burj Dubai" better that "Burj Khalifa (spelling not sure).

  5. I love the reflections of those lights.


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