Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I miss home

I am alone and hungry while writing this post. I could even hear my stomach growling. I haven't eaten any proper meal since yesterday :(((. You see, I am fine with chips, breads and noodles. I really don't feel the need to eat something heavy (who would want to eat anyway when you're alone ?) not until I saw these images in my computer. All of the sudden, this bout of homesickness just sink in.....the feeling of wanting to be home and eat these type of food. I am not a masochist trying to hurt myself while looking at these photos, but I ended up creating a new file and transferring all the food photos that I've got over the past two years.

I couldn't bear the aching stomach anymore....the borborygmic sound is increasing. Grrrrr! I have to leave this computer and look for something to eat. I'm leaving you with these images to enjoy and imagine how scrumptious they are. Links are provided if you wish to read something about these food that I am craving for. Simply put your mouse over the word(s) and click them. Ciao!


  1. Hi Ms Jocelyn! Thanks for the visit and the comments on my blog. :) Hayyy, bigla kong na miss ang chicken joy! And I'm missing Al Ain too; it's my fave holiday destination here in the UAE. :)

  2. hi there sis, just made me so thankful to be home and having access to all these kind of foodies! hehe, :)

  3. Ah we do long for the past, for home, for comfort. Wishing you Happy Aloha
    from Honolulu,
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° >

  4. Just visiting your blog, your post makes me feel homesick and craving now for pandesal hehehe

  5. nice! ut i know you cook these things when you can and are not for yourself is never satisfing anyway (for me anyway), i do understand being homesick tho... peace to you


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