Thursday, January 31, 2013

A dose of nostalgia

This being alone thing is making me a bit nostalgic. I keep on digging my old files and photo archives. Perhaps I should start doing something else because if I will continue with what I am doing, I guess I'll go crazy. Anyway, let me share these photos for today's post. Don't mind me if I bawl my eyes out. :) Tissue please!

It is undeniable that Jebel Hafeet is one of the famous tourist destinations here in the United Arab Emirates. Being the second highest mountain in the UAE, it offers a scenic view of Al Ain from it's peak. No wonder that whenever we have friends or families visiting the UAE for the first time, we always make sure that it is included in their itinerary. I've been living here in Al Ain for nearly 8 years now and I couldn't remember how many times I brought my family up in the mountain to enjoy the wonder of nature. Even I and my hubby keep on coming back whenever we feel like hitting the road. Here are some our photos, from the very recent to the oldest.

with hubby (December 2012)
with Yhet, JM, hubby and Joel (April 2012)

me (January 2011)

Ghet (November 2010)

me (January 2010)

hubby (February 2009)

With my brother-in-law Milton, Joel, Shiela, hubby and James (October 2008)

With my mother, brother Gab, sis-in-law Yhet, Shiela and the kids (May 2007)
Our photos taken way back 2005 and 2006 are still intact but I have yet to upload them from a video camera to my PC. Sounds like I need to make a part 2, I reckon. :)) Hey! Where's the tissue box? Gone? Oh! Never mind, I'm done with this post. :)) 

I guess you wouldn't want to think that I am having a split personality because of this post. Why? Because I am smiling and at the same time, I am crying. Ahhh! Tears of joy perhaps.

Good day everyone!!


  1. while reading your post, im also reminiscing my jebel hafeet experiences. i must say, we have to go back there soon before going home for good. i will also definitely visit your blog & photos to keep myself updated about al ain.
    thank you.

  2. i would have to read the past posts to know why you're alone there all of a sudden. anyway, it's a must to show visitors what's best in one's hometown.

    8 years away continously is something, it's very long. don't ask how long i've been gone from phil.

  3. I always loved going up Jebal Hafeet and once spent a night at the Mercure Hotel there. As you say, the views of Al Ain city are spectacular, but although I tried hard to get a good daylight photograph, I was never able to find a day when the sky was clear enough to get a really good one. Night time photos were spectacular.

    Stay well JTG.


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