Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it!

Winter is just around the corner.....days are getting shorter and nights are getting longer. The mercury dropped significantly from a steaming 48 °C to a bearable 35-38 °C. Yeah, I know that these temperature levels are unbearable to others especially for those living in the western countries. For us,  it is such a healthy respite from the HOT weather (can almost turn your skin to a "baked" bright red) that we have experienced months ago. Light to moderate rain fell on Fujairah last week and scattered rain showers in some areas of the Eastern region ( oh! I didn't experience any because I was too busy working in the hospital).

Every time I hear and think about the winter here in the United Arab Emirates, my heart swells with excitement....eager to witness the upcoming events at Al Ain City. To name a few, I am so excited to watch the high-octane aerobatic performances, as well as the fleeting maneuvers of jets and other aircraft only at Al Ain Aerobatic Show. Watching them fly high and scorching up in the sky can be acoustically unpleasant but I will assure you that they can be a visual treat at the same time.

Photos from Al Ain Aerobatic Show 2011
I am very eager to witness the Emiratis' preparation for their National Day......lamp posts are all lit up, colorful decorations at the roundabouts, islands of road and even inside the malls---some can be intricate but I think they are posh and modern.
Photo taken  from the Illumination show at Al Jahili Fort ( 40th UAE National Day)

And there's this child in me that I look forward to watching the International Circus on Ice.....I simply love to gaze at the colorful costumes, be amazed with their superb performances and jaw-dropping stunts.
International Circus on Ice at Al Ain Mall 

I am excited not just for the events.... I am also thrilled to wear my cardigans. I just love the feeling of warmth while wearing my cardigans and taking photographs while walking even at the middle of the day.......without any worries that my skin will turn "baked" bright red.

red cardigan from Marks&Spencer and black cardigan from Mango

How about you? I bet, you feel the same way too ( if you're a resident of Al Ain) :)).


  1. I like very much your acrobatics pictures... They are so cool !

  2. your excitement is contagious! :)

  3. I wish I could visit Al Ain one sweet day....excited for you and looking forward to viewing your fabulous shots of the events again :D


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