Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Signs of Summer in the United Arab Emirates

I'm sure everybody is aware of UAE's scorching hot weather these days. In fact, mercury can rise up to 45 degree Celsius at noon time. And as the UAE starts to heat up, I think most of the expat residents and locals are planning to take a vacation to seek some respite from the heat and arid weather.

I've been living here in Al Ain for 7 years and during this period, I have experienced the extreme weather condition of the emirates. During my first 12 months of living in Al Ain, I have observed some signs telling me that summer is just around the corner.

1. Sandstorm

Actually, sandstorm is one of the most eminent signs, not just for summer but also for winter. It is always accompanied with harsh and strong winds that will always kick up the sand and dust. Most of the time, road visibility is greatly reduced making it difficult to travel. Expect for increased incidents of vehicular accidents and increased number of patients in the hospital with allergic attacks and asthma.

2. Rain

I guess most of the people, especially those who haven't been to any country in the middle east, might think that it is always hot and sunny in this side of world. They might probably ask how often do we experienced rain each year. Well, of my 7 years of living in the UAE, I have observed that we can get around 4-6 times per year (quite few eh). Though rain can suddenly drop the temperature and it can be a welcome relief from the scorching hot weather, it is also a sign of impending summer. From October up until November, rain is a sign of impending winter.

3. Dates

Dates are the fruits of the date palm tree (Phoenix dactylifera). This type of palm tree is known to many in Arabia as the 'tree of life'. During the holy month of Ramadan, date fruits are usually served to be eaten first rather than the proper meal after the salat al maghrib (sunset prayer). I noticed that flower buds form in the spring season and open for a short time in the early summer.

Expect to see lots of dates being harvested even as the summer kicks off. Even in groceries and supermarkets, you'll see different varieties available, usually packed and some are glazed with honey or caramel.

That's it. I guess you have your own observations too. I would love to read them, kindly post them in the comment box below. Thank you. Salaam!

Disclaimer: The information contained in this blogpost is for information purposes only for these are my observations. Any reliance you place on this blogpost is therefore strictly at  your own risk.

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  1. About 30 during midday over here, and even after eight years living here, summer remains most difficult time of the year for me.

    Please have a good Wednesday.

    daily athens photo


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