Monday, May 28, 2012


My external memory drive is almost full and I have to delete some "unwanted" photos to transfer about 500 photos from my camera's memory card. While looking at the archives and reviewing the albums one by one, JM reminded me that I haven't posted any about the Chinese Circus. It prompted me to review my blog posts. 

Darn! I totally forgot everything about it after posting some of the photos on Al Ain City Daily Photo's Facebook page. My goodness! I have a lot of photos to sort out. Anyway, the Chinese Circus was hosted by Al Ain Mall. A couple of months ago, they brought the famous circus troupe from China to perform exclusively for their costumers. Dressed in colorful costumes, they amazed the crowd with their breathtaking balancing moves and aerobatic performance.

If you wish to see the other balancing acts, kindly head over to Al Ain City Daily Photo's Facebook page or simply click here.


  1. wow, I can never do such balancing act haha...colorful exciting shots here sis!

  2. kyla is a fan of circus, can't wait to show this to her. :)

  3. haha! even without reading your post, i'm guessing they must be chinese acrobats, and indeed they are! ^0^


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