Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tilapia Lake

 photo credit: Jerry Fer Damian

This lake is located about 25 kms to the south of downtown Al Ain on the Al Ain-Abu Dhabi Truck Road. I've been living in Al Ain for nearly seven years now but I haven't been to this lake due to the dangers of being bitten or stung by poisonous insects and animals. This area is infested by arachnids like scorpions. Its informal name is coined due to the large number of Tilapia fish in its water (source).

Thank you to Jerry Fer Damian (also known as Geri Damian) for sharing this photo with us. Jerry is an avid follower of Al Ain City Daily Photo on Facebook. I'm sure Jerry braved all the hazardous condition to capture the mesmerizing beauty of this lake. By the way, this photo is also featured in Abu Dhabi Week Magazine. Congratulations Jerry!


  1. this is so beautiful desert landscape Misalyn, sand dunes surrounded by a body of water, awesome.

  2. such a beautiful lake, thanks for sharing. the mention of scorpions doesn't sound inviting though. ;)

  3. such a great shot, Mis !

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } (°>


  4. Congratulations Jerry, and thanks Misalyn for sharing this BEAUTIFUL photo with us. I got quite nostalgic when I saw the desert sand but have never seen a lake in the middle of it all! Hope you and your family are all well. Hugs Jo

  5. so serene, it's a beautiful place, thanks for sharing! pwede itong entry sa national geo. Nice work Jerry

  6. Dear Jerry Damian:

    Please post facts on your posts! The information that you have provided about the place being full of 'poisonous insects and animals' is incorrect. There may be a few scorpions around but it is highly unlikely that you will get stung if you take proper precaution. I know because I have been documenting the natural beauty of this place (flora&fauna) for years. Please do not try to sensationalize your images by providing false information to readers!!!

    A wildlife lover living in Al-Ain since 1978!!

    1. To anonymous(wildlife lover in Al Ain since 1978)

      Photo posted above is shared by a reader of this blogsite (Jerry Damian). Text is written by me (Misalyn). I have clearly stated the reason why I haven't been to the place despite of my 7 years of living here in Al Ain. I've heard from some of my fotogs friends that it isn't safe to visit the place because of the probability of being bitten or stung by poisonous insects and animals. My fear was confirmed when I read the news in Gulfnews that the place is infested by poisonous insects. Kindly check the link provided above.

      Who am I not to believe the facts written in Gulfnews? Gulfnews is widely read by residents (expats and locals) here in the UAE.

    2. If there's anything that I should apologize to my readers is the inclusion of the word ANIMALS, but come to think of it, insects belong to a bigger group of animals called ARTHROPODS. If that's the case, there is nothing to be corrected in that post.

  7. Thanks for sharing this info. JTG. I have researched this lake and cannot seem to find anything about the water source (some say rain, some say waste water?) or quality. Apparently the city has been asked to check into this but has not yet reported anything (about the water quality). Yes, there may be some insects that concern some, but I would be concerned about what is in the water especially if children and adults wade into it. Why is the city hesitant into developing this as a tourist/recreation attraction?

    1. Hi. You are most welcome though I find this post devoid of information because I just relied on the information given to me by some friends. But I guess, the link that I have provided (from Gulfnews)can be relied on. As much as I wanted to visit the place, I simply couldn't because I have no one to tag along.

      I have no idea about the water source but I am guessing that it is natural since Al Ain have lots of oases. I think I have to ask my friends who've been there a year ago.

      If there's anybody from Al Ain Town planning department reading this blogpost, please enlighten us about this lake.


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