Thursday, April 26, 2012

Souq Al Zafrana

These photos were taken sometime in January 2012. Sure the temperature was fine during the day but at noon time it can be hot and humid. With all honesty, the idea of walking around the souq at the middle of the day, with scorching temperature of 30 degrees didn't appeal to me, but I couldn't miss out the opportunity to visit this market place while hubby is around. So even a bit hesitant, off we went to the souq. It was a surprise when we've learned that this place is having a centralized air conditioner!

I must say that Al Ain's Souq Al Zafrana, located behind the First Safeer Centre at Al Khabisi, is worth a visit especially if you are looking for fresh fruits and vegetables. I can't even believe that they are way better than the ones you see in the well-known supermarkets! And it's just amazing to see that there are lots of fruits and vegetables available than in the market of Al Samak located at the town centre. The place is so clean and well-maintained as well. The sellers and traders will lure you to buy and mind you, they do sales talk in different languages depending on how they see you!


  1. the fruit baskets are arrange for gifts purposes, I assume. i love visiting the souks here.

    1. Yes, those fruit baskets are arranged for gift purposes. I usually see those kind of fruit baskets in the hospital at khaleeje parties :).


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