Sunday, April 15, 2012

Al Ain Benches Series #3

I started the Al Ain Benches series 5 months ago and to date, there are only 2 photos posted in this blogsite. Anyway, I have lots of photos to share but I've been terribly busy for the past 3 months leaving my photoblog full of cobwebs.

For today, let me share this beautiful bench that I have spotted at Green Mubazzarah last January 2012.  It is located alongside the park. I just love the contrast of the pan Arab colors against the wood. I find the design simple yet very useful.

More of Al Ain benches next week. Maasallam!


  1. Providing stones upon which it might build its peaceful future.

    Good picture. Please have a good Sunday you all.

    daily athens photo

    1. Thank you Robert. Have a great weekend.

  2. I hope you will no longer be too busy to blog sis, I missed your great this one so much...such a beautiful, colorful bench indeed...blessed day...

    1. Hi sis Zen. I will try to blog as much I can. My schedule is really crazy leaving me tired most of the time. I missed you too. Have a great day.


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