Thursday, December 1, 2011

Theme Day: Action Shot (Jugglers)

I was invited by Ms.Hanna and Mr. Mohammed, the Recreation and Events Manager of Al Ain Mall, for the ribbon-cutting ceremony and grand opening of its new expansion. A group of performers delighted the crowd immediately after the welcome remarks given by Mr. Morhaf Kishi, the General Manager. These jugglers belong to the group of performers. Their impressive skills entertained the spectators as they toss their props in the air while dancing. 

This is my share for CDP's Theme Day. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants. Have a nice day! Salaam!

(Photos for UAE's 40th  and the continuation of yesterday's entry will be posted tomorrow. Thank you.)


  1. What a fun ACTION photo for December's theme day! It must have been fun to watch them do their juggling!

  2. their costume is very colorful, paskong pasko na! :)

  3. Classic action shot. Anything can happen in the UAE! Enjoy your month.

  4. what an amazing place you live!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  5. I'm loving those fab red costumes, I want one haha! Great shot for today's theme.

  6. The skill of jugglers (and acrobats) are always a joy to watch. But I especially love their colorful costumes!

    Thank you for the welcome back, J!

  7. Thanks for leaving a comment in my blog... I love all the photos that you've posted... makes me wanna see UAE and your city Al Ain... Thanks for sharing such great images!!!

  8. I would have bruises if I tried to do that.


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