Friday, December 23, 2011

Thank you Dr. Itani!

I believe that most of us value our colleagues and the people that we are working with, although we may not express our appreciation of them publicly. Others may have the annoying qualms every time they start talking in the public. Just like me, I am no exception on that matter. I hardly express how grateful I am working with the people in our unit despite of busyness and stress. Maybe because I am thinking that a silent thank you is already given. That we understand each other whenever we are busy and each and everyone of us appreciate our roles in caring for our patients.

A perfect example of what I am trying to say is the gathering that I have attended last night. It was Dr. Itani's last working day as one of the PICU doctors in our unit. Most of my colleagues were present. Some even cancelled their prior engagement or schedule to attend his Maasalama. Since I am not good in saying thank yous and goodbyes, I let my camera do the talking. Here are some of the photos that I have taken, except the one where I am included---thanks to Emily, one of our CN's for taking the photo. These are low resolution copies. I promise that I'll have the high resolution copies available in our unit's desktop as soon as possible.
Dr. Itani with the PICU nurses

left: Dr. Itani saying thank you to us
center: with Emily after she handed the gifts
right: while slicing the cake

When it's our turn to say our piece, everybody kept quiet as Emily started to talk in behalf of the nurses. We were all sad  about Dr. Itani leaving our unit but at the same time, we were happy for him because we all know that there's a better opportunity awaiting for him.

left: with Sheila and Cecille (Pediatric Extended Care Unit representatives)
right: with Marinella, Ana, Thelma and Emily

left: Biji and Jainy at the Nurse's Station
right: Ana and Emily posed with the food as the foreground

cake, pizza, donuts, fried chicken and more food:))

left: Ana and Afaf
right: Dr. Itani having a conversation with the girls and with the mother of 
one of our patients who couldn't believe that he's leaving and it was his last duty

left: Ana, Emily and Ancy     
right: me and Dr. Itani (photo credit: Emily)

We will surely miss you Dr. Itani. It was a pleasure working with you. May the good Lord continue to shower His blessings upon you and your family. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours. 

On a personal note, allow me to say thank you for this photo(now, I am talking ). This one will always remind me of my journey as a photo aficionado.
Dr. Jamil and his daughter
this photo was taken a month after I bought my DSLR camera
and I have included this  in my first photo exhibit 


  1. Allow me to post Alma's message here, which she originally jotted down in Al Ain City Daily Photo's FB wall.

    "I regret I was not around... Dr. Itani, we will surely miss you. As I've said during one of our conversations, time will come for all of us to leave, it's just so unfortunate that you are leaving us in the most unexpected time, thank you for everything... good luck."

    ~~Alma de Guzman

  2. From Ruby of Paeds. Medical:

    "Dr. Itani- thank you for the time you spent with Us. Such a beautiful person inside & out--> we will surely miss you. God bless always Doc!"


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