Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sour and Salty

I was craving for shawarma and decided to visit Al Arish Restaurant located at Khalifa Street, a few meters away from Al Falah Plaza. I had 2 pcs. of chicken shawarma and an avocado juice. Shawarma in Al Arish Restaurant is usually served with pickled chili, green olives, turnips, and cucumber. Pickles is called mekhallel in Arabic.


  1. I miss shawarma too, I do not think we have that good shawarma here in US, at least I have not found one as good yet.

  2. hubby loves shawarma and he said nothing beats the shawarma from the middle east.

  3. i loveeee this pickled veggies with my shawarma. but easy on the quantity you eat bawal sa gal bladder yan hehhee


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