Wednesday, December 14, 2011


At the center of the Stars Court of Al Ain Mall lies a water fountain with a winged horse statue. It resembles the fantastical and mythological creature named pegasus, though this statue looks more of a bronze. Pegasus, by the way, is a winged divine horse usually in white color in the Greek Mythology.

Most of you have probably seen a similar picture of this statue when I posted the photos of Al Ain Mall Expansion's grand opening. It was taken with the people in the background, while this one was taken in a moderate elevation technique and with few people in the backdrop to emphasize some reflections and the elegance of the said court.


  1. hi missy,
    i can see that you have a thing for shopping and mall-ing is one way for you to de-stress? ^0^
    i hope it is, because i always enjoy looking at your fotos, seems like i've already been there! haha, ^0^

    pretty shot of this one too.

  2. ayos.nice shot btw.gusto ko sakyan ung si pegasus hehe. ^^

  3. @Arabesque,
    I love the idea of shopping to de-stress but I am broke these days hahaha. I am settled with window shopping.

    Uy napadaan ka.Thanks!


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