Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"Mr. Hoodies"

These are some of the falcons wearing a hood spotted in the recently concluded 3rd Falconry Festival held at Al Jahili Fort, Al Ain. It was quite interesting to see various styles and types of hood. A hood, by the way, is a basic and one of the most important equipment in falconry. It is used to help the falcons in the physiological adaptation to changes in their usual environment, to help them acclimatized to humans and to keep them calm, otherwise they will be alarmed and flustered in the presence of humans. 

I've seen several falcons being held by the falconers during the festival and I loved seeing them--the unexplainable relationship between the falcons and falconers. I must say that they have really mastered the art of falconry. I liked the idea of touching and holding the falcons too but I won't dare to touch a raptor without a hood. Guess I was just too afraid even if I find them great subjects for portraiture. With the hood, I think they looked "handsome" and harmless ('',).


  1. interesting. i've never seen a falcon in person.

  2. you are in the centre of this sport!

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