Tuesday, December 6, 2011

His Excellency

Sheikh Hamid with Mr. Morhaf Kishi, the General Manager of Al Ain Mall 

Al Ain City Daily Photo was invited to witness the grand opening ceremony of Al Ain Mall Expansion last week, November 29, 2011 at the Stars Court located in the ground floor. Sheikh Hamid Bin Ahmed Al Hamid, Chairman of Al Farida Investment Co. LLC, was the guest of honor of the said ceremony. 

Sheikh Hamid was in a white kandura, white guthra and black egal. You click here if you'd like to read about  kandura, guthra and egal.

If you wish to see more of our photos in the said event, please click here.


  1. his highness, wow!
    he smiling though,i think he likes the crowd. ^0^

  2. wow such an honor :) btw, am a fellow UAE blogger, hope we can meet soon with the others, it'd be a fun day when it happens, see u around!

  3. you were with royalty. he does look very regal.

  4. such anhonor to be part of events likes this mabrook to al ain city daily photo, lumelevel ka na day! :)


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