Monday, November 28, 2011

Understanding and Appreciating Weeds

Weeds are plants which grow where they are not wanted. They are armed to survive in the bleakest conditions, thrive even in arid and dry desert with austere season, multiply and grow miraculously even after deracinating them for several times. I can even compare them with cancer. They can destroy good plants and over time, conquer the entire garden or lot area. This is the way I used to define weeds before I discovered my interest in macrophotography. Ask me to define weeds today and you will probably laugh. Why? Allow me to write the reasons why I like them.
  • Weeds are the cutest plants that I have ever seen.
  • They can even put a smile on my face by merely looking at their flowers.
  • Their different shapes, colors, and length can tickle my imagination.
  • They can make me walk and exercise a bit (remember the "acrobat" thing that I have mentioned here?).
  • They can enhance and boost my creativity.
  • They taught me the virtue of patience (especially when I'm shooting outdoors).
  • and a lot more reasons that I couldn't explain.
You see, I shouldn't be a gardener for I am a sucker for cute and tiny flowers of weeds. Hahahaha! Did I mention that there are lots of ornamental weeds here in Al Ain? Yes, we have them at the parks, gardens and pathways.

By the way, thank you for dropping by my blogsite. Let me know your thoughts about the weeds. I will be delighted to read them tomorrow after my duty.  Have a nice start of a new week dear readers and friends. Salaam!


  1. hello ate:) thanks for this wonderful post, i just want you to know that i also put you on my blog roll! God Bless!

  2. hi missy! a weed for your thought. ^0^
    beautiful foto and informative post.
    now i can try to appreciate its beauty wherever i go.

  3. I've noticed that weeds produce the prettiest spring flowers.


  4. there are many flowers, in one place considered weeds, in other an exotic plant - cultivate a white baby daisy in my own garden because!

  5. those are very beautiful shots of weeds, like you, I am a sucker for weeds too, but I call them, "wildflowers", haha!


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