Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm loving the weather these days

I'm loving the nice and cool weather that we're finally getting here in Al Ain. The sky is turning blue from the usual gray. I really like the contrast of the blue sky against the beautiful white clouds. For some reasons, I prefer cloudy days over sunny days. I just like less sun rays and less harsh---not that I am afraid of getting tan but I simply love the cirrus and puffy clouds. It brings happiness and uplift my spirit. This is the season that I really like in Al Ain and I am looking forward to wearing my cardigans, more photowalks, and outdoor activities.

These photos were taken last Sunday at Tawam Hospital bus stop. I was with Emily and Joy--my colleagues in PICU, and we were waiting for bus number 980 going to Al Khrair. I was so glad looking at the sky--a simple way of destressing after 3 graveyard shifts. I couldn't help but to click even with my N8 mobile camera. 


  1. Subjects come in unexpected places. Like you I am a commuter, I take the train to work, and I am a keen observant.

    Very fantastic shots!

  2. I love everything about the first image.

    My sky is at

  3. Almost black and white, but not quite. Love the light in your photos.


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