Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Child's Dining Experience at T.G.I.Friday's-Bawadi Mall

I've been wanting to drag my family to T.G.I.Friday's since it's opening at Bawadi Mall and finally did last week before hubby left for Ruwais, Abu Dhabi. It wasn't my first time to dine in at T.G.I.Friday's but it was JM's first. We don't eat out a lot but when we do, I usually stick with my sons' preference. Allow me to write  JM's review about the food, place and staff.

1. Colorful but dimly lit.
2. Thumbs up for the coloring pamphlet and crayons though he did ask for extra crayons especially the green and brown ones. It allowed him to count, draw, color, unscramble words, and complete a maze.

1. Tasty and delectable but the wait for food was a bit long. Twenty minutes for a simple Chicken Fingers Meal.
2. Yummy sauce. Enjoyed dipping his french fries up to the last piece.
3. Small portion, not satisfied (and shall I say a bit pricey--oh! that was supposed to be my review...I'll post ours--hubby, Joel and myself, anytime soon).

1. Friendly and communicates well with kids (referring to himself asking for more crayons and the staff was explaining that they run out of green and brown ones).

That's all folks! Are you done Mama? Let me finish watching my favorite movie, okay? I'll get back to you if there's anything that I'd like to add (JM with a big grin).


  1. Great review JM, I smell like I'll be reading your own blog soon :-)

    Next time you want to try TGIF here in Dubai, try the terrace of Dubai Mall's branch, where you have the water fountain view below to review :-)

  2. nakakatuwa, ang galing.Ang mga bata pag nagsalita or nagcomment ay totoo so they better take it seriously.

  3. And free cholesterol for everybody? I love TGI Fridays, but I'm not allowed that type of food anymore. Sad.

  4. training to be a food critic. great job.

  5. would love to try TGIFridays here. :)
    i have many pending food reviews too. too many things to do, too little time...

  6. haha, ha can be a food critic someday. ^0^
    i think the crayons and sketches are a form of distraction, well. same here, the wait, the ambiance and the price. ^-^

  7. I recall visiting a Thank God It's Thursday restaurant/cafe at Dubai on one occasion. I haven't seen the TGIF at Bawadi Mall, it probably wasn't operating when I last visited.

    Something that always astonished me was the waiting time for food at UAE restaurants. Most times there was seating for 100, six people in attendance and you'd wait forever for your food. I always wondered how they would have coped with a full house.

    Great review ... sounds like fun.


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