Thursday, November 3, 2011

The challenges of macrophotography

Tell me something about macrophotography and you'll have all my ears. Why? Simply because I love macrophotography but I find it challenging yet frequently frustrating. You see, I bought a Canon 100mm f/2.8 USM Macro lens last April 2011 to satisfy my desire in shooting tiny objects. Honestly, this desire started when I saw the beautiful flowers at Al Ain Paradise (reminding myself that I bought the macro lens not on whim but because of my growing interest in different genre).

Great. I have acquired the proper lens and here comes the challenges. For some this may sound absurd but a photo enthusiast like me, I think it is pretty normal. First of all, I have to get dirty--I mean, I have to kneel and sit on the ground to get the shots that I want. I have to lie on my belly for hours, which I don't mind at all. I have to assume some awkward positions--almost ligament and tendon stretching positions which I often called acrobatics. :)) Plus I have to suffer and endure the pain while ants are feasting on my feet, belly and arms. Last but not least, I need to bear and ignore the odd stares coming from the people, especially when I am shooting outdoors. Maybe they're thinking that I have gone crazy for small weeds and flies.

For the technical issues, I find focusing on tiny object is very difficult especially if I'm not using a tripod. Reminding myself that I should always bring my tripod with me whenever I want to shoot macro. Light and camera shake, depth of field and framing are critical issues and most of all, I have to practice the virtue of patience especially for moving subjects like butterflies, dragonflies, bugs and birds. Even the wind can pose a challenge. Al Ain's weather during the month of October until February is unpredictable. Wind can almost kick up the sand and dust.

Despite of these challenges, I still love macrophotography. Yes, I still have a lot of things to learn and I don't mind even if it will take ages. After all, pressing the shutter keeps me sane.


  1. Oh what a lovely post, Missy. I had a good laugh at your descriptions. I don't have a macro lens but a feature on my Canon Powershot has macro and Supermacro. Would this be similar to having a lens. I hope you're having a good week. blessings, Jo

  2. Life is great, isn't it ?!

    And yes, macro opens a whole new world for photography. Yet, am still far from it. Please have a good Friday.

  3. i will be posting something you will love, but i have an advantage - i have a microscope to really get tiny!

  4. I have the feeling that you are talking about me.

  5. This is indeed a great work of yours. The flower was well captured. Macro photography is indeed interesting.. :)

  6. Ooh, I love macro shots too! It's also the very first lens my husband bought for me some time is 2007. As you mentioned, macro is fascinating! :) Good luck with more photo walks, Misalyn!

  7. I love macrophotography, though need to sort out my dSLR camera. I've got the Canon 60mm macro lens.

    I must get some weird looks from the neighbours too... There's been countless times when I've been in the garden taking photos of the bees and other such creatures, but I'm afraid of being stung so dodge about the place a lot (looking a bit mad!).


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