Friday, November 11, 2011

Al Ain Benches Series #1

I am a keen observant and I'm always spotting new things especially when I am taking the bus or any public transportation. This characteristic of mine led me to discover the beautiful roundabouts and fences with varying artworks in most of the major roads in downtown Al Ain. After posting several photos of Al Ain roundabouts and fences, here comes Al Ain benches series. Let me start with these benches along Al Jimi District, a few kilometers away from Al Baladiya roundabout.

I've been to Al Jimi District at the Department of Naturalization and Residence yesterday afternoon to get my brother a tourist visa. After spending a couple of minutes in the typing center, I've realized that I forgot the sponsor letter that I needed to submit together with the other documents. Since it's already three in afternoon, I decided to go home and come back next week. While waiting for the taxi, I sat on one of the benches. I must say that these benches are commuter-friendly. You will never get tired while waiting for the bus or taxi. They are made out of wood and steel, slightly reclined to simply support the back.

One thing that made me wonder was the presence of several cigarette stubs on the grass. I understand that there is a law prohibiting smoking at the public places. How can one lit a cigarette in this place even in a broad daylight if he's aware of the NO SMOKING LAW? 

See you next week for another Al Ain Benches series!!
(photos were taken with N8 mobile camera)


  1. Ako, parang alam ko. Those cigarettes were consumed the night before tapos itinapon dyan nung umaga hahaha! Kidding lang.

  2. Nevertheless, a beautiful invitation to get a rest ! Please have a good weekend.

  3. If you're a woman and alone, can you just sit there and read a book without breaking any rules or something?

  4. @Photo Cache,
    Hi Maria. Anybody can sit there and relax--read a book, chat etc but they have to abide by the rules like NO smoking in the public places.


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