Monday, October 10, 2011

Scenic view of Al Ain

Just another scenic view of Al Ain City snapped at the top of Jebel Hafeet, the UAE's second highest mountain. I've been there a couple of weeks ago to practice shooting with long exposure values. These images may not suit your taste but just the same, allow me to share it with you. Actually, I was so reluctant to post these photos but I'm running out of pictures to share. I think I should go out and start taking new set of photos. I guess I would probably do it tomorrow. Click HERE if you'd like to see my fave shot.
@ TV 30 sec, f/14, picture style: landscape, O step Exposure bias, ISO 100

@TV 30 sec, f/11, picture style: landscape, O step Exposure bias, ISO 100

Apologies for not returning your visit. I'm still on tonight, my last of 3 night shifts. Have a great day! Salaam!


  1. Oh Missy these are STUNNING - how do you get the lights so perfectly captured? Don't worry about visits. I know when I see you, you have time and I love coming to see your blog. Have a wonderful week. Hugs Jo

  2. Magical night lights photos! Reminds me of the view out an airplane window at night!

  3. close of being poetry. countless stories to be seen, all alight and bright. please have a week alike.

    daily athens

  4. I tried numerous times to get a clear shot from Jebel Hafitt, but there always seemed to be haze above Al Ain.

    These shots are excellent. You could make post cards with them and sell to tourists and locals.

  5. oh how wonderful those glittery lights are. great job.


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