Sunday, October 16, 2011


More on Al Ain Zoo stories. On our way to the cage of the white tiger, JM noticed that there's a small kiosk painted with black and white that resemble the stripes of the white tiger. They are selling inexpensive souvenir items like umbrellas, caps, stuffed toys, coloring books and puzzles. JM asked for a piece of jigsaw puzzle. I was hesitant to take it but I knew my son will start to bawl his eyes out if I won't buy it. I had no choice but to take it.

By the way, I guess you have already noticed the lady in abaya. I wanted to take a picture of the kiosk with her while she's holding the point of sale machine when JM handed down the money to pay but I simply couldn't. I was told that it's impolite to take a picture of woman in abaya without her permission. When she turned her back, I snapped it away. Thus, these photos that I am sharing with you. Yeah, call me hardheaded but gee, I made sure that her face was covered.

Have a blessed Sunday dear readers and visitors. Salaam! 


  1. droppin' by to say have a blessed Sunday! :)

  2. Mis, your way of respecting muslim culture is very touching to me. Hope things will one day become right. May Allah bless you.

    Heartfelt thanks

  3. i dont call you hardheaded but one who living the present,i call the woman "nonsese"LOL!!!!

  4. How thoughtful an entry.

    Please have you all a good new week.


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