Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Huge Cacti

Al Ain Zoo is not just a place to see different kinds of exotic, tropical, aquatic and wild mammals, aves and reptiles. It is also a place where huge succulent plants like cacti are well taken care of. Despite of the arid climate in this region, these cacti are still thriving and grows even taller each day. Anyway, these plants are known with their ability to conserve water in hot and dry environment. For some, cacti are just ordinary plants especially if you are living in Arizona, Africa and other countries in the Middle East. Back home we do have some cacti in our backyard but they are of an average size. 

I have included our photos to give you an idea how huge these cacti are. Even without the flower pot, the cactus in photo#3 is taller than me. In photo #4, it looks like hubby and the cactus are of the same height. Hubby stands 6 feet tall. I guess you can imagine how short I am by this time. Yeah right, call me Snow White's friend .

Apologies for not returning your visits today. I am still on tonight, my 2nd of 3 graveyard shifts. Guess it's time to hit the sack. Good day everyone! Salaam!

1 comment:

  1. hi dear! i'm enjoying your Zoo post.
    sorry have been absent for awhile doing this and that. haha. ^0^
    i hope your graveyard shift will be off and back to normal soon.
    love your shots esp that cute lil kiosk.


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