Thursday, October 20, 2011

Al Ain Souq series: Common sights in the market

Who says we're missing the dried fish back home? Actually we don't because we have some good quality of dried fishes in Souq Alsamak located in the heart of the city, a few meters away from Al Ain Bus Station. We also love to buy shrimps and crabs. Prices are quite reasonable not to mention that the vendors are so kind. They can even talk in languages that you can imagine- English, Arabic, Tagalog, Japanese, Hindi, German- depending on how they see you, I mean nationality wise.

These photos were taken sometime in January 2011, a few weeks ago after my hubby's first knee operation. Hubby likes to go to the market to buy fresh fruit and vegetables especially during the time of his recuperation. I'm telling you, he's the most hardheaded patient that I have ever taken care of. Anyway, I couldn't agree more with him that veggies and fruits in Al Ain Souq are better than the ones in hypermarkets.

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Word of the day: Souq is the Arabic word for market. Salaam!


  1. My, that's a very clean looking souq!

  2. Ah how well I remember the souqs, Misalyn. But yours is spotless compared to the ones I visited in Khartoum. Hope your hubby is completely healed now. Blessings. Jo

  3. May dried fish dyan? Hindi pala nakahomesick ng ulam pinoy.

  4. What a clean and neat market... :)

  5. Ang linis naman ng Market jan :) Great Shots Misalyn! These looks tasty! Reminds me of Cebu City na afte rnamin mamili, kaamoy naidn namin yung mga isda hahaha :D



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