Monday, September 12, 2011

Spell of rain in Al Ain

Day before yesterday's downpour came as a surprise relief for us because we were suffering from hot and humid weather for the past few days. It started at about 4:10 in the afternoon and lasted for about an hour. I was lying on my bed while busy reading some passages from a book when all of the sudden JM asked me to look at the window. I was surprised to see the date palm trees right in front of our house were swaying because of the strong winds lashing from several directions. I have noticed that there were thick layer of gray clouds hovering on the sky. I asked JM to get my camera and off I went to the main door to take some photos.

After the heavy showers, I and my hubby were lured to check out the main road at Al Mutaredh District. Some trees were toppled and uprooted and scattered all over the place, but I was amazed to see the date palm trees were still standing proud and tall despite of the strong winds, thunder and lightning during the spell of rain. Most of the streets in our neighborhood were waterlogged making it difficult for the motorists to pass by.

Allow me to share these photos taken during and after the torrential rain. If you wish to see some more of my photos, you can check out Al Ain City Daily Photo's Facebook page.

during the downpour, in front of our house

toppled trees, broken branches fell on the ground

waterlogged streets and residential area

and these 2 pairs of feet belongs to hubby and I, we're just too glad  about the
 rain that we couldn't help but capture our soaked and "happy feet"  :))

Word of the day: matar is the Arabic word for rain. Salaam!


  1. Wow! kakamiss ang ulan talaga. Last time na naexperience ko na sobrang lakas ng ulan dito sa UAE nung unang dating ko dito way back 2008. After non wala na. Minsan ambon ambon na lang.

    Kung nasa Al Ain ako for sure inenjoy ko talaga yang ulan and may hail pa. Saya!

  2. I could feel the strong wind and the heavy downpour to topple those trees!

    Stay safe.

  3. How lucky! We just hope for it. It hasn't rained properly here for ages, 10 minutes of a light drizzle once a month... Or then, the other extreme, as we had it 6 weeks ago, when we had half a meter of water in the streets, although it rained only 20 minutes.

  4. In every life a little rain must fall. And it helps get rid of the oppressive humidity.

  5. oh ! that looks indeed like a strong rain. please send a handful of it, as I miss rain for month now already.
    Please have you all a good Tuesday.

    daily athens

  6. haha, i don't know whether to be happy seeing those trees and the water or be humming rain,rain go away, bec. sometimes, i do miss the sun.
    nice captures dear.
    glad it finally rained. ^-^


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