Sunday, September 25, 2011

Scenic View of Al Ain Atop of the Mountain

TV: 30 secs., AV: f/20, ISO 100, with tripod, Picture style: Landscape, in AWB

Today is the start of my precious 2 days off being a pediatric intensive care unit nurse after 6 night duties with a day off in between. When I woke up this afternoon, I asked my better half to drive me to the UAE's 2nd highest mountain. At 05:30 in the afternoon, off we went to Jebel Hafeet. I just wanted to practice some long exposure shots. It took us about an hour before I have finally found a perfect place to snap this photo. Hope you like it.
Scenic Sunday
I am linking this post to Scenic Sunday. Join us and enjoy the sceneries in the other side of the world.

On the other note, I have found 5 travel sites, 1weather forecast site and a Facebook fan page that deliberately used my photos without my permission. It makes me sad knowing that these people posted my photos without my consent and didn't even credit the source. Please be nice and remember that stealing photos is a crime.


  1. It's an excellent shot Misalyn. I tried numerous times to get a clear shot from Jebel Hafit but the sky was always full of sand and the shots were never clear enough.

  2. wow, this is awesome Misalyn.. see just how humans has transformed a natural landscape into a beautiful sight...

    so sad naman yang kumuha ng pic mu.. I see you already installed a no right click.. I was supposed to tell you to install one. dropping by for SS..

    Catalina Gardens For Scenic Sunday

  3. that is AWESOME, Misalyn!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


  4. It really IS the perfect spot!
    My son came home from China with the saying: it's not wrong until you get caught! Apparently, it's not only true for China's culture:(

  5. What a brilliant shot, Misalyn. I'm so sad that other sites use your photos without your permission. How did you expose them (the photo thieves, I mean?)I wonder who's using mine and others around blogger. Regards to your husband and big hugs to you, my friend. Jo

  6. That's a magical photo, Misalyn! Oh, the night lights!
    And as always, I love the soft, relaxing music on your blog!


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