Friday, September 2, 2011

Holiday snaps: Rice fields


Rice fields are common sight in the Philippines. It was one late afternoon when I asked my hubby to drive me to Brgy. Borabod. I wanted to take pictures of Bagasbas Beach during the sunset. On our way to Bagasbas beach, I saw a vast view of green rice fields. I couldn't help but admire the beauty of rice fields, clouds and trees. I asked hubby to pull over and I snapped it away as soon as hubby stopped driving.

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  1. These are gorgeous shots Lyn.

    PS.. Buti pa kayo nagbakasyon, hay kami kaya kelan lit hehehe.. Ingat lagi!

  2. I missed this vista. I had fond memories of watching the rice plants sway in the summer breeze.

    Ahhhh, miss my Philippines.

  3. wonderful wonderful green - colour of hope. please have a good weekend.

  4. So beautiful, lush and green! It must have been a wonderful vacation!

  5. The clouds are so "detailed" and the vibrant earth colours makes for an inviting ricefield visit :-)


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