Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bunch of tomatoes from Holland

Last Sunday, I've been to a hypermarket along Al Sarooj District to buy some ingredients for a dish that I've been wanting to cook for a long time. I saw this bunch of tomatoes from Holland and immediately picked them up. I took it to the counter to be weighed and priced. To my dismay, these tomatoes costs around AED 14/kl. Yeah right. I didn't check the price because I find it visually appealing. I am a bit stingy when it comes to buying ingredients, but this time, I bought these tomatoes just to satisfy my curiosity. 

Photos were taken with my Nokia N8 mobile camera.


  1. Oh My Misalyn! Those Tomatoes look very nice and Juicy! Buhay na Buhay ang colors sa shot! Ang tomatoes dito sa atin ang mahal mahal na! Tapos very acidic na yung lasa kaya bihira na ako kumain ng Tomatoes na hilaw ngayon :(


  2. The tomatoes came from Holland? They came too far. I would have suspected produce would be coming from Asia given the proximity.


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