Friday, September 9, 2011

Al Jahili Fort by Night

If you're a regular visitor of  Al Ain City Daily Photo, you have probably seen several photos of Al Jahili Fort. Most of the photos that I've posted were taken by day or before the sunset. This time, allow me to share these photos that I snapped last Tuesday night. It was quite difficult to shoot these photos without a remote shutter release or a remote control but the tripod and timer worked quite well (which reminds me to buy  a Canon remote cable release ASAP ). I know that these ones are way too far from a postcard quality, but just the same, I want to share it with you guys.


  1. It's certainly a glorious looking fort and has a great history. I miss many of the Al Ain sites. It is a lovely city.

  2. Tho maybe not up to your "post card quality" could send one of these to me any time...great shots!

  3. wow! beyond stunning Missy.
    the fort looks deserted but beautiful.
    i don;t think you need a tripod. ^-^


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