Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pedestrian underpass art

We've been to Abu Dhabi yesterday for a beach getaway (see previous post). It took us about half an hour to find the beach car park. 

From the beach car park, one must take the pedestrian underpass, just like what we did, to be able to reach the corniche and the beach. Here are some of the interesting art on the tile walls that I've noticed while we were walking along the underpass.

I am guessing that this is the traditional bedouin "hair dance" called khaleejia in 
which women are often dressed in colorful and long cloak called Jalabiyas. Women will toss
their hair from side to side while the music is playing. Click here to watch the video.
This one is quite obvious. Falconry is an important part of desert life of the Emiratis and has 
been practised in the UAE for centuries. We all know that falcons remain as the key 
symbol of the United Arab Emirates.

This is quite vague. It looks like a depiction of old houses in comparison
with today's high rise buildings.

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  1. wow those mosaics are incredible
    i imagine it would be nice and cool in there too

    went to dubai a few years ago and loved it

  2. Fantastic mosaics, Misalyn, and your photos are superb! What a colorful, wonderful look at your world! Hope you have a lovely week!



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