Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nunu and Ummi

It's Wednesday once again and supposed to be our weekly dose of desertscape series. Much as we would like to shoot yesterday at Al Yahar desert for today's post, we simply couldn't because of the dry and hot weather. The mercury registered to a blazing 48 degree Celsius! 

I hope you won't mind me posting these photos which were taken few months ago at Al Ain Paradise. These are 4 successive shots using a macro lens with f/2.8. and a product of my experiment since I find macro photography too complicated. 

You might wonder why I have chosen the words nunu and ummi for the title of this post. Nunu is the Arabic word for a baby. I have considered the bud as nunu and the flower as ummi, the Arabic word for a mother.

By the way, I did review this blog's traffic and found out that most of the visitors were looking for info and photos of Al Ain Paradise. Please be reminded that you won't be seeing similar sceneries when you visit Al Ain Paradise since it's already summer time. You should expect that the flowers are already dry. 

Have a nice day fellow bloggers!


  1. you teach us. You bring interest to the language, the land and your beautiful pictures, cousin!

    Aloha from Waikiki :)

    Comfort Spiral




  2. the 2nd photo (right) stands out!

  3. hello! I found your photos cool, really pro. hope you can visit my blog and follow me too. Thank you!Good day!

  4. Such beautiful, purple flowers! I posted purple flowers this week, too!


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