Thursday, June 9, 2011

A khaimah

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....but not the traditional one. I saw this ultra modern "tent" at Al Jimi Mall sometime in April 2011. This dome house is a product of First Point Investment. According to the salesman, you can even build a bathroom and install an A/C or set up an office inside the dome house. It is rustproof, rainproof and can withstand dry and hot weather (just like what we're having these days) and even during winter time. 

For more information about this dome house, just click the link provided above. Please be informed that this post is not a product review or a paid post. I was just curious when I saw this dome house and thought of sharing it with you guys. You can click here if you wish to watch the video of the company's presentation.

Word of the day: khaimah is the Arabic word for tent. Salaam!

(P.S. Apologies for not returning your visits. I am still on tonight. Will definitely visit your pages tomorrow afternoon. Thank you for your support and understanding.)

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