Friday, June 24, 2011

I miss home

Do you ever have those times in your life that you wish that you could go back to the days that you were planning a weekend getaway at the beach in a nearby town? The time that you could easily plan to take a vacation for a day or two. The time where everything was so simple and yet  you were contented and happy even in times of difficulties. The time where you didn't think too much of the future and simply enjoy the warmness of the sea water and fine sand, while the cool breeze is caressing your skin down to your bare feet.
Yes, I am having one of those times today. I miss the Bagasbas beach,  I miss the old hang outs, I miss eating taho by the sea breaker, I miss eating fishballs, squidballs and kikiam while watching the sun setting deep into the horizon. I miss the park that I used to hoop at while my sons were enjoying the slides and see saw.  I miss my mother, nieces and nephews and my house.  Ahhhhhh, I miss home and I feel terribly sad knowing that our vacation won't push through due to some unforeseen circumstances. 

This is my life as an expat. I always miss everything about home....the place where my heart is.


  1. We have many misses in our life.

    This is one of them.

  2. Your two monochromatic photos are very dramatic and emotional! I'm sorry your trip home isn't working out!
    A cyber hug from your blog pal in EAGAN

  3. I can understand why they're your favorites, Jocelyn! They are absolutely fantastic photos. Not less.

  4. :( If only Pinoys didn't have to go abroad to provide for their families, there would be less people who are sad. But then, that's part of life.

    Let's just continue to hope and pray that you'll soon be able to have your vacation, and that you can come home. :) Take care, Misalyn.

  5. can't help but feel sad missy.
    i thought you're coming home. :(

    yes, missing something or someone can be heartbreaking,
    i wish i could say comforting words to make you feel better...
    whatever that unforeseen thing might've been i wish you'd have an open mind and still be positive.
    after all, home is just a plane trip away...

  6. I can totally relate to this. Although I miss the Melbourne seaside, the Curly Coburg mall with its cheeky pigeons and didgeridoo buskers. We also cannot get leave to go home this year, and with a new bub about to arrive, who I was hoping to introduce to my family, it feels really unfair. Your photos are beautiful. At least we can keep blogging our way through our feelings :)

  7. aaahhhhh wonderful shots sis!!!!! this makes me so glad i am living a simple life in my motherland....


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