Sunday, June 12, 2011

For kids and kids alike :)

Kids love to visit McDonald's at Khalifa Street not just because of french fries, burger and toys. They also love to watch Tom and Jerry while eating their favourite burgers.
One Friday evening, JM asked us to eat out and as usual off we went to McDonald's. We sat on the chair while waiting for our dine-in order and while JM was checking out his favourite place. This is the scenario: 4 lovely  ladies were enjoying their meal while watching Tom and Jerry. Poor boy, he couldn't ask them to spare him a seat.


  1. you have adorable kids missy. ^0^

    haha, he's just shy, i think that's a good sign that he's growing up. ^-^

    what a cool idea and a good marketing strategy.
    sayang, we don't have it here pa,
    but then, if we do, people would be swarming and you know how we love t.v. ^0^

  2. Nakangiti pa rin ako sa picture ni JM, hehe, kawawa naman :)

  3. How interesting a sight. As a father of a four year old boy for sure I'll have me own adventure of such a place soon.
    Please have you all a good new week.

  4. This made me miss my mom :'( She died just this January 11th. I can still remember the Snoopy World Tour Happy Meal and I completed all 28 Countries because my Mom and Dad is very supportive of me even in Toys.

    This McDonald's is just Super Cool Misalyn! You can see the happiness in the kid's eyes :)

    Happy independence Day!

  5. Wow, that's something new. I hope they just have one or two large screen tvs so that everyone can watch :)

  6. nyahahahaha... enjoy na sana kaso matatanda pala yung adik sa Tom n Jerry.. aliw ako dito... ..

    PS. thanks Misalyn for the drop...

  7. Eek, they're too close to the screen! :p Fun though! :)

  8. Gosh! What happened to sitting and sharing a meal with other people? No such things here yet, thanks God for that!


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