Saturday, June 4, 2011

The baker

Meet Raffeque C.P., one of the bakers of Al Noor Modern Bakery at Al Sarooj District, home of yummy middle eastern baklava and mouth-watering cheese manakish. Thank you for assisting and answering my questions Raffeque. 

Posted for the Weekend Portrait hosted by DindinMK of Sumedang, Indonesia.


  1. Hi Misalyn, glad to know that you're participated again on WP. :)
    Simply nice portrait, especially I love the first one. His pose is so cool. Maybe he could try to be a part-time model... Hehehe!

    Have a great Weekend, Misalyn.

    Sumedang is in West Java, Indonesia not in Malaysia.

  2. Hi Dindin. I'm glad that I participated again. I'm running out of portraits that's why I missed 3 weekends.

    Oh!so sorry. Thank you for the info. I will edit my post then.

  3. There's nearly nothing as honest as bread.

    Please have a good Sunday.

  4. oh, he's nice camera shy ah. ^0^
    nice dimples.

  5. You've got a very nice and interesting , love how the way cultures meet in your blog and the pictures are amazing.

    Plus which camera do you have?

    Best Wishes.

  6. ah the man you want to know on a first name basis.


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