Thursday, June 2, 2011

Al Qattara Arts Center

Our adventure at Al Qattara District didn't end up with Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Darmaki fort (see 2 previous posts). Misael and I were tired but we headed to Al Qattara Fort since we don't get to wander around the city these days because of my terrible and hectic schedule. The fort is located in the heart of Al Qattara District. It is newly restored and serves as the center for arts to promote Emirati art, culture and heritage.

I was so excited to visit the center for arts from the time that I've read it in the news. That's why as hubby drove around to find the right road leading to the fort, I became so impatient. Alas! We couldn't find the way and we had to return to the main road to find out the landmark. It took us about an hour to find our way to the said fort. Our efforts paid off when we finally get to see the center for arts and appreciate every work of art that we've seen on that day. It was unfortunate though that we couldn't check out everything because some of the studios are closed. Here are some of my photos. Enjoy!!

main entrance and the courtyard
framed paintings and on the wall 
another work of art on the wall and sculptures 
This is the "tower" outside the Center for Arts, it is located at the east side.  I love the  details on the windows.
And this is hubby inspecting the well and the courtyard :) 

By the way, there is an ongoing photography class at Al Qattra Arts Center for a fee of AED300. This is definitely good news for photo enthusiasts living in Al Ain because we won't be travelling to Dubai or Abu Dhabi any more to attend photography classes.

Useful contact and links:
Al Qattara Arts Center, Al Ain
Open daily except Fridays, from 9 AM to 1PM and 04PM to 8PM
Contact: 03-7618080 or see


  1. Very lovely collection of photos of the artwork! And it must be fun to explore around that big fortress in the desert! No camels? Ha!

  2. the exterior looks pretty deserted. ^0^ but the interior's pretty nice. beautiful art pieces and interesting stuffs. ^0^


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