Tuesday, May 24, 2011

UAE coins

I'm running out of pictures to share because I haven't been out lately due to shift/schedule issues. I have had 3 successive night duties and outdoor shooting is the last thing I have in my mind for now. As soon as I find time to wander around the city, I'll start posting landscapes and street scenes again.

When I woke up this afternoon, I saw my piggy bank and realized that it is already full. I need to go to the shop to exchange my coins to some banknotes. As I started counting the coins, JM, my youngest son told me that I haven't posted any photo of UAE coins.  I grabbed my camera and macro lens, and snapped these photos. Thus, this quick post.

These are the UAE coins. The 25 fils, 50 fils and 1 dirham coins are widely circulated while the 10 fils and 5 fils are not. Those bronze coins are seldom available at the grocery stores and even in the shopping malls.

1) 1 dirham- showing a dellah, the Arabic coffee pot  
2)50 fils- showing oil derricks, as oil is the main source of UAE's wealth
3) 25 fils- showing a gazelle,  an antelope indigenous to the region

4) 10 fils- showing a dhow, a traditional Arabic sailing vessel with lateen sail
5) 5 fils- showing a grouper fish, commonly known as hammour

I suggest that you read this Wikipedia page for more information about the UAE dirham. 

...and these are my coins, would you like to count them for me? Hmmmnn....I'm thinking of buying a perfume. 

Word of the day: fulus is the Arabic word for money. Salaam!


  1. I have the habit of collecting coins from different countries.

    Of course, after I have visited these countries.

  2. Still have some laying around somewhere... Good thing about the GCC, you can even use them in Bahrain or Qatar.

  3. haha, interesting to see how they look like.
    if you have any spare coins, do virtually send it to me,
    hindi ako mapili. ^0^

  4. I was unable to identify UAE Coins. Thanks for posting details with Images.

  5. Thanks for giving detailed Images and details of UAE Coins. Friend.


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