Thursday, May 19, 2011

Street Scene: Waiting for the bus

This is a common street scenario on a weekend night at Al Mutaredh District while the passengers are waiting for the bus going to Al Khair District via Al Ain Bus station (for Bus #960) or straight to Al Khair with bus #980.  If you are planning to go to Bawadi Mall, you better take the bus, you can save as much as AED 19.

Women are advised to take the front seats and look for this yellow sign. Anyway, front seats are designated only for the female passengers.

For taxis, women are always advised to take the back seat and avoid unnecessary conversation with the driver, as they may misinterpret friendliness.

Oh! Have a look at these boys. They told me that they're too tired to stand while waiting for the bus to come. Poor boys, mama and daddy wanted to take the bus.
distorted...taken while I was walking toward the stop point

Word of the day: hurma is the Arabic word for women/ladies. Salaam!


  1. the last bit was an oh! moment. ^0^
    kids can get easily tired and elated at the same time.

    have a safe ride home dear. ^0^

  2. Interesting facts. I'm learning a lot about this place. Thank you these info. Parang MRT/LRT rin pala natin ang mga buses nila, hiwalay ang babae at lalaki.


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