Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Darmaki Fort (part 1 of 2)

Yesterday's temperature was quite fine compared with the previous days because it rained last Sunday. I took that opportunity to wander around the city since we had some blue sky with few and thin layers of clouds...just perfect for the background. We headed to Al Qattara District without any definite plans in our mind. We were around a km. north of Al Mutaredh when I asked hubby if we could visit the old Al Darmaki House and check out the progress of its restoration. As we approached the Al Jimi District, I've changed my mind and told hubby to drive me around the Al Anja community because I did remember that there are lots of fortified structures around the area.

This is our first stop at Al Anja Community, at Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Darmaki Fort. I couldn't exactly remember where from Al Anja this fort is located. At first we thought that it was closed for renovation but when I checked the main door, it was open. It was very surprising to find out that there was nobody inside the fort, not even a security guard.

As we entered the main door, we were looking for information that we could read regarding the fort's construction. We found this board. It is written that the fort was built in the early 1840's by Sheikh Sultan's ancestors and was renovated by then Department of Culture and Heritage in Al Ain in 1990 (now the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage). I wasn't satisfied with what we have read and I ended up browsing the net but I couldn't find any information even from the ADACH website.
Looking at these photos, I am guessing that this fort was built and used to defend the village of Al Qattara and its surrounding oasis because it has machicolations and gun openings that punctuate the walls at regular intervals, a typical feature of forts that I've seen from Mezyad Fort and Sultan Fort. It has a spacious courtyard and a well which I believed was the source of water during the time of Sheikh Sultan's ancestors' stay in the fort. I could be wrong. In case you happen to know the history behind this fort, I would appreciate you dropping a comment below. Thanks.

the spacious courtyard 

weeds, flowers and palm trees thriving even in a hot  and dry weather

a well and date fruits are beginning to grow and heavy
...to be continued.

Please come back tomorrow if you'd like to see the doors, windows and the watch tower.
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  1. Terrific post and photos, Misalyn! Look forward to seeing more! Hope your week is going well!


  2. old forts have lots of history...fascinating place.

  3. Lovely details on the doorway, especially for a fort.

  4. i'm loving the courtyard.
    really pretty. ^0^

  5. very interesting. i love to see more old forts.


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