Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy birthday!!

After the unplanned visit to Al Maqam desert (see previous post), we headed back to Al Mutaredh. We were at Al Jabal R/A, about 250 meters away from our house, when I and hubby decided to eat out to celebrate his natal day. After half an hour of quick bath and preparation, off we went to Ponderosa Steak House at Al Ain Mall. Of course, I grabbed my camera bag before I finally get in the car.

As we entered in the buffet resto, one of the lady crew guided us on our table. Before I sat down on the chair, I noticed that there was a group of Kabayans (compatriots) opposite of our table. Kids and hubby were already at the grand buffet while I was still fixing and changing the lens of my camera. Oh! don't ask me to post the food that we ate. I know, I am not good in food photography.

We had our soup, bread and starters and so on. Hubby was about to take his dessert when I noticed that our kabayans were taking pictures. I saw a cake and guessed that it was a birthday celebration. I was right! One of their friends was late and when she finally came, I heard her saying happy birthday. While they were enjoying taking photos, I approached them and asked if I can take a photo and feature it here on Al Ain City Daily Photo. Here are some of the photos. They asked hubby to join and blow the candle with them.
take 1: Heidi Juta (lovely lady in pink,the birthday celebrant)
 from New Kuwaitat  with her friends
take 2: hmmmnn quite distorted
take 3: I really like this wacky shot
(Heidi shared her cake with hubby :))
take 4: and this one....1, 2, 3, blow! Happy birthday!!
Thank you Heidi! Happy, happy birthday! It was so nice meeting you and your friends. 

And to you my dear hubby, happy, happy birthday!! From Joel, JM and Ineng....we love you!! May the good Lord grant you long life to spend with us, your family. May all your heart's desire come true. I know you've been praying for something....be patient, I know it will come true.
hubby (thinking of something funny?)
Word(s) of the day: Eid milaad saeed means happy birthday in Arabic. Salaam!


  1. May time and life continue to treat her and you all kind. Happy Birthday wishes from Athens, Greece.

    daily athens

  2. happy birthday to your hubby,sis! may God bless your beautiful family always...

  3. happy birthday to your dear husband. so what did you get him?

    enjoying your desertscape series.

  4. Awww! as usual I am late.Let me thank you for your warm birthday greetings for my hubby.

    @Photo Cache,
    I paid the bill at Ponderosa instead of him paying the bill:) Actually, he didn't want to buy anything since we're saving for our upcoming vacation.


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