Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Desertscape series #2

It's Wednesday once again and it's time for my weekly dose of desertscape series. These photos were taken 9 days ago at Al Maqam. 

Al Ain sand can be soft, fine or rough depending on the area. At Al Maqam, it is a combination of rocks, fine and rough sand. About 100 meters from the main road, there's a path way leading to the desert and we've seen the ongoing piping construction for an oil and gas company. As we ascend up to the sand dunes, I truly enjoyed looking at the weeds thriving in the hot and dry desert. 

While waiting for the sunset, we sat down on the sand and enjoyed its warmth. Guess it's perfect for photo op too. :)) I can't help but smile while looking at these photos because I managed to climb up to the sand dunes even in flip flops. I wasn't ready anyway. It was a spur of the moment decision of mine when I saw that the sun was so big. You can read the related post here.

It was quite mesmerizing to see the moon was out even before the sunset. I'll be seeing more of nice sunsets and dusk because it's summer time here in the sandpit. Can't wait to visit Al Yahar desert by next week.
See you next week for another desertscape series.
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Word(s) of the day: baad oshboo'o is the Arabic term for next week. Salaam!
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  1. I have tried walking up the desert dunes here and it was a challenge, and I was in tennis shoes. So brave of you to be in flipflops!

    Love the red rocks!

  2. I love your second to the last photo with the moon just above the dune! Stark, terrible, beautiful landscape.

  3. Love the desert very much. Mostly because one is finally able to hear 'oneself think'.

    Great coins as well. Guess it would be a good theme day for CDP, wouldn't it?!

    Please have a good Thursday.

    daily athens

  4. i like them all, literally nothing but sands. just mesmerizing to look at,
    and so lucky of you to capture that moment. ^-^


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