Sunday, May 15, 2011

The cliché: better late than never (jump shots)

Blogger bug hit Al Ain City Daily Photo as well last Friday and I was supposed to share these photos for Skywatch Friday. The said photo meme is up and running again and I might as well share these photos even if it's late....ridiculously and shamefully late! It is better to be late than never. That is what we always say after all.

These photos were taken sometime in July 2010 at Jumeirah Open Beach located in Umm Suqiem, about 130 km. from Al Ain City via Dubai-Al Ain Road. I had fun shooting these photos with the iconic Burj Al Arab as a backdrop before we headed back to Al Ain. These are SOOC shots.


  1. pictures funny and healthy !!!!!!

  2. Very nice shots. Good idea to do this.

  3. i can never manage good jump shots, that, i have to keep on trying. ^0^
    but your foto collage spells nothing but fun, syempre, i have to pick a fave and that's the 1st and 3rd to the last foto. ^0^

  4. My, these people are tall!!! Lol.

  5. 2nd shot looks like spiderman :))

    awesome shots Ms. Misalyn!


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