Tuesday, April 5, 2011


These photos were taken a month ago at Al Ain Paradise when I was preparing for 40 photos to be submitted to Al Ain Mall for the upcoming photo exhibit on April 10 and will run through until April 25, 2011. These are not the actual portraits that I have included  in the set of my photos for exhibition but I just want to share these because I really like Trisha Anne's aura and charming smile. And with those colorful flowers at the backdrop, I thought of Ruby Tuesday hosted by Mary.

Okay, let me admit it. I am wishing for a baby girl of my own but I am just too afraid to get pregnant again and carry a child in my womb because of the past difficult pregnancies that I've had.

Word of the day: helwa or jamila is the Arabic word for pretty or beautiful. Salaam!


  1. good shots!

    thanks for the arabic word Ms. Misalyn.

  2. So adorable. Beautiful arabic words to give a name to a daughter.

  3. Pretty girls, beautiful flowers - lovely combination!

  4. If I'm guessing right, Trisha's pink dress is from Pumpkin Patch, I believe they would be too glad to see their dress nicely modelled by her.

    Ako din, especially whenever I enter kids' dress shops and see beautiful girl-y outfits I'm wishing I could dress a li'l girl with them :-)


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