Monday, April 11, 2011

Let's get physical!

How would you like to shed off those extra pounds? Have you tried dancing in the ice rink? And probably do some acrobats to entice some photographers and photo enthusiasts to click their cameras. How would you like to hear Olivia Newton John's song Let's get physical? Would you like to dance along while the upbeat music is playing?  Lol!!

I'd rather do some outdoor walking while clicking :)). Anyway, ice skating is not my cup of tea. I might try it some other time. How about you?

Photos shown above were taken last Thursday and Friday at Al Ain Mall's ice rink. These boys are the perennial ice skaters at Al Ain Mall. They love to do some acrobats, that in some ways, entertain the shoppers and visitors.  
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Word of the day: fowk is the Arabic word for above. Salaam!


  1. LOL! i'd rather go for a photowalk too! ;)

  2. i don't think my knees could take this!:p photowalk for me, too.:p

    Mellow Yellow Monday

  3. Believe me, you wouldn't want to see me out on that rink! LOL

    Happy Blue Monday!

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  4. Oh I'd break my neck with those moves :)

    I'd rather pull weeds to get some exercise :) or walk the block.

  5. I haven't tried ice skating and i think i could not do it..or i just cant dare to try. i remember the skating rink in MOA,i only watch the kids and adults doing their moves on ice

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  6. Hehehe, I'll break my bones before I could do a little break dancing! I was flexible during my younger years.

  7. Wow, cool waht fun in ice skating. Never tried those yet.
    My Yellow Monday My Blue Monday

  8. oh, but i love skating! ^0^
    used to skate awhile back when I was erm younger.. hehe. but not pro,
    just for fun.
    I miss the feel of the shoes and the faux ice though.
    I wish my feet would drag me to skate again.


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