Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Let's get drumming!!

Last Friday, we went to Al Ain Mall to check out what was happening with my photos that are currently on exhibit at the second floor atrium rail. At the time of our visit, Iddrisu and Joseph from Dubai Drums were about to lead the group drumming activity sponsored by the said mall. Several truncated cone-shaped and goblet-shaped hand drums were placed on the chairs adjacent to the area of photo stands; and ready to be tapped by those who wanted to participate. By the way, it was for free.

It is well known that hand drums are common to Middle Eastern music. In case you are not familiar with some of the Arabic rhythms (it is quite new to me as well), you can click here and listen to some of the rhythms.

goblet-shaped hand drums

Joseph and Iddrisu started to tap the drums to let the people
 know that the group drumming was about to start

As soon as the children heard the sounds, they started pulling the chairs 
and placed the hand drums on their lap or in between their legs
and the group drumming started

It lasted for about 20 minutes. After the activity, when the drums were finally arranged, 
these boys asked me to take a photo of them.
 Sorry boys, I forgot to change the settings of my camera (overexposed eh!)

Looks like hubby dear enjoyed the activity as well :))

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Word of the day: tabla is the Arabic word for drum. Salaam! Have a nice day fellow photobloggers!


  1. What a fun post for the day, Misalyn! Love the drums and the kids do seem to be enjoying it! And your hubby, too! Hope you both have a great week!


  2. Can you please use tabla in an arabic sentence?

  3. Very cool! In Barcelona, for some reason, we have a lot of Brazilian marching drum bands, even though Brazil is really far away.


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