Saturday, April 23, 2011

"Isn't she lovely"

This little girl is one of the 3 daughters of Abdelmoneam Mohamed, the graphic designer of Al Ain Mall. This photo was taken about three weeks ago at the atrium rail of Al Ain Mall and post processed with ACDSee Photomanager 2009 plus Photoshop CS5, which I did at Al Mubarak Studio located at Khalifa Street since I don't own one (wish I could buy one and use it in full capacity, since I know nothing except for the use of brush tool and making a layer).

Every time I look at the this photo, I can't help but hum Stevie Wonder's Isn't She Lovely. You can click here if you're not familiar with the song. Abdelmoneam and his wife must be very happy when this child was born. 

Posted for the Weekend Portrait hosted by DindinMK. By the way, I am so glad and honored that my last week's entry was chosen and posted on the wall of the said meme. Thank you DindinMK!

Word of the day: helwa or jamila is the Arabic word for lovely or beautiful. Salaam!


  1. Lovely child indeed, captured in a lovely photo :)

  2. what a nice portrait and such a beautiful face. ^0^

    i wish i know how to use photoshop but it always seem so difficult. ^-^

  3. that's a lovely portrait! :)

  4. She's definitely a cutie pie!
    Wishing you and yours a very Happy Easter!

  5. Lovely job, and a very lovely subject! Happy Easter!
    Word verification right below: cowpower... Yeah!


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