Sunday, March 6, 2011

"When a palm tree met the sky"

Al Ain's weather is quite unusual for the month of March. Yesterday's temperature at 07:00 AM was 13 degree Celsius and today's temperature is 14 degree Celsius. In my nearly six years of living here in the Garden City, I have experienced that the month of March is the start of summer and the usual temperature in the morning is around 20 to 24 degree Celsius.

This photo was taken yesterday before I hit the sack. It wasn't prepared when I went out of the house and found myself shivering while snapping this photo. Looking at this photo makes me wonder how does it feel to touch the clouds.

Word of the day: bard or barid is the Arabic word for cold. Salaam!


  1. Now i am back browsing abit, it is beautiful to see your photos. I would say that is cold, sounds similar to what Texas got recently. I can not talk about New England tho, still mostly below 0 C.

  2. This shoat is beautiful! I have always wondered too, how it feels to touch those clouds. They look like whipping cream, could they be also cold?

    Reading your post below, it is always a great feeling to do some charitable works. Keep up your good job, inspite of your busy schedule as Mom and as an RN.

  3. Oh, its great to see the new look of your blog, especially your header!

  4. A beautiful picture indeed.

    Over here it is cold as well, they say that it might even snow ! Many years ago the last time.

    Please have a good start into the new week you all.

    daily athens

  5. I love the sky and your photo :)


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